Looking Back on 2020 and Planning for the Future

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it seems like the majority of people are looking forward to waving goodbye to 2020 and the global pandemic, and stepping into 2021 in the hope of a much more ‘normal’ year - I know I certainly am! Many businesses have needed to adapt, change direction and make drastic changes in order to simply survive this year.

Now is the perfect opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate your business operations, in order to create new goals and plan for the year ahead. But clarity goes hand in hand with organisation - if your operations are cluttered and chaotic, it can be difficult to think clearly and look ahead to the future. Battling with a backlog of enquiries, constantly being late for calls and can’t find that note you wrote just yesterday - sound familiar? We’ve all been there!

Top 5 Reasons Why Being Organised is Important

  1. Increased efficiency - with less digital clutter and more simplified systems, your business processes become much slicker and easier; allowing you and your staff to work at a much more efficient pace.

  2. Less stress - when your business is organised and running smoothly, you feel much more in control and less stressed. This is a much happier and more productive way to operate your business!

  3. Reduced expenses - by having a slicker process in place, you reduce any wasted time spent chasing lost information, attempting to use overcomplicated systems or duplicating work. All of this costs you time and money, which could be much better spent…

  4. Improved customer service - if you have all the required up-to-date information to hand, you will be left with more free time to spend on going the extra mile for your customers.

  5. Expand your business potential - when you are not constantly tied up in unnecessary admin and overcomplicated procedures, you can begin to focus on pulling in new clients, caring for existing clients or working on your next project idea; allowing you to grow and expand your business.

How Can You Be More Organised?

  • Create a business plan. Even if it’s only for personal reference, a business plan is a fantastic document for pinning down your business aspirations and possibilities - allowing you to get from where you are currently, to where you want to be. No idea where to start? Drop us an email at to receive your FREE Business Plan Template!

  • Clear out your workspace and files. It is vitally important to regularly organise and streamline your work, as this will save you lots of time and money in the long run. Haven’t got the time? Consider hiring a VA for a one-off project or as an ongoing support mechanism.

  • Use a time management system or diary. This will help to ensure that you don’t ever double-book yourself, as well as leaving you some free time at the end of each day to cater for any last-minute requests or overrunning of meetings.

  • Block out ‘thinking time’ in your diary. Make sure you give yourself time to think about the bigger picture and allow those creative juices to flow freely! This really helps you expand your perspective and view your business in a more objective way.

  • Ask for support from a professional. If you are not sure how to streamline your systems, clarify your procedures or remove unnecessary admin, it is always worth outsourcing this function to an expert.

Specialist Business Consultation from Wise Birdy

If you're feeling chaotic and tied up in admin, we can review areas of your business and create a strategy to streamline admin & processes and implement clever automations to save you a whole lot of time (and stress!). Consultancy services can be applied to any or all of the following: business procedures, social media, PR & marketing, websites.

If you want to get organised and improve your efficiency, book your FREE consultation here.